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The name Tanzania conjures up images of wildebeest stampeding across vast Savannah Serengeti, rain forests teeming with monkeys and bird life, and great plains brimming with legions of game. All of these natural wonders and more are on offer in this exceptionally diverse African nation.

Visitors typically visit Tanzania to partake in at least one of the four well known Tanzanian tourist experiences: a relaxing seaside vacation on the picturesque island paradise of Zanzibar, an underwater tour of some of the world’s most renowned dive sites around the gorgeous Spice Islands, a safari adventure in some of Africa’s most impressive game reserves, or a hiking excursion around Mount Kilimanjaro National Park. Whichever of these incredible holidays you choose, you will undoubtedly be welcomed by some fabulously friendly and peaceful inhabitants who, despite being divided into 120 different ethnic groups and cultures, live in harmony with one another and provide some of the most wonderfully exotic local cuisine you could imagine.

With all of this diversity on offer, the most difficult part of your Tanzanian holiday experience is likely to be deciding where to go!

They say Kilimanjaro teaches life lessons.

The highest free-standing mountain in the world, it rises to a spectacular 5,895 metres 19340 Feet above sea level, 500m 1640ft higher than Everest Base Camp. Sue Gulcher, Founder of Free Spirit Adventures, has climbed Kili – as it is affectionately known in climbing circles – four times, three of those as the head guide for Operation Mobilisation, a US-based charity.

The advice when climbing is “Pole. Pole.” (Swahili for “Slowly. Slowly”), “Keep your head down if you need to, but don’t forget to look up, look back, look forward to appreciate the beauty of where you are.”

Like any mountain, Kili has its challenges and its rewards – in fact, sometimes the challenge is the reward!

Free Spirit Adventures will guide you every step of the way, arranging your domestic transfers, accommodation and mountain guiding from beginning to end, working with reputable, tried-and-tested premium operators, who like the team at Free Spirit Adventures prioritise the client experience without compromising their custodian role to respect local cultures, landscape and wildlife.

If you wish us to arrange a special and bespoke Experience in Tanzania please email us and we will start the process for arranging such holiday.

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