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A nation of spectacular natural beauty, friendly people and rich culture, Zimbabwe’s status as one of Africa’s leading safari destinations was dampened for years by its political instability. But now that the country is transcending its strife and returning to a state of equilibrium, it is once again emerging as a vacation highlight of the continent. Victoria Falls – known to locals as ‘The Smoke That Thunders’ – is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and the sheer power of this massive body of water plunging into the Zambezi Gorge is awe-inspiring and unforgettable. Lake Kariba, with its game-rich shores and islands, is an idyllic safari spot featuring mind-blowing sunsets; Hwange National Park is known for its huge herds of elephants; and a kayak trip down the Zambezi through the Mana Pools National Park will appeal to the intrepid traveller, providing close encounters with crocodiles, hippos and a host of other wildlife.

Game Safari

Game safaris are done either in closed or open vehicles or by walking under the supervision of experienced nature guides who are aware of the areas’ wildlife.
They will guide you to the areas where game can be watched and encountered carefully, as we do not want to disturb them but rather observe them in their natural habitat. This is mostly done early in the morning when the heat hasn’t yet risen and the animals are active, and then later in the afternoon until sunset when different species will get active.
Nowadays open safari vehicles are most common in game parks and reserves with a ranger sitting left forward of the engine compartment. This is done so that he has a good view of the animal tracks that may occur and check the animal behaviour signs so as to guide the driver in the right direction.
A special event is night viewing.
All of this is part of the great wildlife that is on offer in Africa, guided by professionals who have the expertise to offer an extraordinary experience of a lifetime.

Overland Adventures

South Africa is a haven of spectacular scenery, for overland adventures,  abundant wildlife, diverse cultures and first world norms, all topped with a healthy and invigorating climate. These qualities make it an adventure destination not to be missed. A country virtually the size of Europe with over 3000 kilometres of unspoiled coastline, boasting climatic differences from searing hot desert to snow-capped peaks, and varied cultures from the original Bushman to the most Western of ways. We visit the highlights, but leave the beaten track to explore the great outdoors and visit a variety of African eco-systems. Overnight stops are all at comfortable Lodges, in pristine reserves, high in the mountains, or on the beach, always in truly unique surroundings. The tour is enjoyed by those with a flexible attitude and adventurous mentality.