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Botswana the Perfect Safari Destination

Imagine a country where natural parks and vast private game reserves make up 40% of a fence-less territory, enabling huge herds of game to roam freely in contrasting landscapes of magnificent extremes, from the Kalahari’s desert plains to the Okavango’s lush waterways… A land of staggering beauty, Botswana has developed a tradition of top-level safari tourism, offering some of the best wildlife safaris you will find.

A patchwork of habitats & wildlife

Botswana is ideally located in the heart of Southern Africa between Zambia, South Africa and Namibia. Known worldwide for the famous Okavango Delta, the country offers a patchwork of different ecosystems and magnificent wildlife: from the scorching Kalahari desert to the amazing waterways of the Okavango Delta. Also major safari attractions are the the Chobe National park, a typical African safari environment, and the amazing salt pans at the Makgadikgadi & Nxai Pan National Parks, which are annual hosts of the second largest wildlife migration in Africa.

Botswana is also famous for having the largest population of elephants in the world (estimated at over 120,000), and they can be seen migrating throughout the country. In addition, Botswana is home to almost 600 species of birds, including many unique and rare specimens

Game Safari

Game safaris are done either in closed or open vehicles or by walking under the supervision of experienced nature guides who are aware of the areas’ wildlife.
They will guide you to the areas where game can be watched and encountered carefully, as we do not want to disturb them but rather observe them in their natural habitat. This is mostly done early in the morning when the heat hasn’t yet risen and the animals are active, and then later in the afternoon until sunset when different species will get active.
Nowadays open safari vehicles are most common in game parks and reserves with a ranger sitting left forward of the engine compartment. This is done so that he has a good view of the animal tracks that may occur and check the animal behaviour signs so as to guide the driver in the right direction.
A special event is night viewing.
All of this is part of the great wildlife that is on offer in Africa, guided by professionals who have the expertise to offer an extraordinary experience of a lifetime.